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Focus on security.,Jiusheng, security.

Jiangsu zhongsheng security service Co., Ltd. was founded in qianliang town, Kunshan city, Jiangsu province. Registration funds: 50 million, is the provincial public security department issued by the security service license enterprises(su Gong insurance service 20170046), is also the Kunshan security association's executive board unit.

ByIS09001 Certification of Management System、Establish security standard workflows

Always aim to ensure safety, quality service

A pioneering security service company that combines civil defence with technical defence.

A pioneering security service company that combines civil defence with technical defence.

Our company will provide high quality service to our customers with scientific management structure, advanced management concept, rich connotation enterprise culture and outstanding talents, creating higher value.

A sound management system and a rigorous workflow

The security team is systematically trained.Continuous study and examination, to be disqualified

24-Hour inspection at least once a month Complaints processed within 24 hours

All service points strictly follow a workflow designed to meet customer requirements

Adhere to the quality policy of "from management to quality, from quality to credibility, from credibility to win customers, from service to efficiency"

Every member of the security force is subjected to rigorous examinations, and they perform their duties with due diligence, and respond to emergencies 24 hours a day, with the professionalism of a soldier

Militarization and humanization

Every security team member regards the customer as his own home, with the attitude of the master day and night in the security scene, serving every customer, not only work is more concerned!

Every security team member is eager to help every staff member, countless times in the customer's difficulties to come forward, let the customer feel the family-like service!